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2 Purley Place, London, United Kingdom

HOUR MEX LTD is a new British startup in crypto exchange trading, digital assets management, and crypto market consulting. The company has been incorporated in 2018 as a global extension of a successfully running private cryptocurrency venture investment pool. Our main purpose is to deliver high quality research and analysis, prudent investment advice, and crypto portfolio management services to small and medium net worth individuals, institutional investors, and home offices.

Striving to be a full service crypto market investment manager HOUR MEX LTD is guiding its clients throughout entire investment process, providing them with all necessary analytical data, advanced technical tools, and professional custom tailored investment solutions.

The company employs a multy-dimensional approach to crypto investments taking advantage of almost every opportunity the industry has to offer. We are engaged in crypto exchange trading, cloud mining and cryptocoins portfolio management, investing in reputable initial coin offerings and blockchain technology development projects.

HOUR MEX LTD investment platform is our flagship product that provides our clients with the exposure to a more speculative, and hence very lucrative side of the crypto business, including risk-adjusted returns trough our diversified portfolio of emerging digital assets. Welcome to join in and acquire your share of profits from this rapidly growing market. Read more about our investment options.

  • Crypto Trading

    Intraday and arbitrage trading on world's busiest crypto exchanges. Managed trading account service.

  • Asset Management

    Diverse cryptocurrency portfolios. Initial Coins Offering investments. Cloud mining contracts portfolios.

  • Consulting Service

    Professional cryptocoins market investment and planning advisory. Customer education and training.


    HOUR MEX LTD is committed to delivering the best service to individual cryptocurrency investors and guiding them through this fierce market. Our goal is to create value for our members and identify the best route to their financial freedom. The opportunity we present here has the following advantages:

  • Fair returns with minimal term commitment.

    Premium investment offers from 1% HOURLY Forever all the way up to 800% after 3 days.
    Attractive short to medium term income opportunities to suit even a risk-conscious investor.

  • Affordable initial entry level.

    You can start with a small initial deposit of $1 or equivalent in cryptocurrency, just to touch waters, build from there and/or add more funds when you get more confident in our system.

  • Profitable affiliate and partnership program.

    Bring in new clients to our company and benefit from our affiliate program that pays 5% commission from your direct referrals investments, 7% if you are a network or group leader and active promoter.

  • Instant payments and professional support.

    Servicing our investors' needs and concerns is our atmost priority. We shall see to it that all transactions are handled in precise and timely manner, and our support is ready to assist you 24/7.

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