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    • What is HOUR MEX LTD?

      HOUR MEX LTD is a new British startup in crypto exchange trading, digital assets management, and crypto market consulting. The company has been established in 2018, it is an officially registered, duly licensed, and legally authorised fund management business under the laws of The United Kingdom.

    • What is HOUR MEX LTD main line of business?

      HOUR MEX LTD is a full-service cryptocurrency investment manager that delivers high quality research and analysis, prudent investment advice, and crypto portfolio management services to small and medium net worth individuals, institutional investors, and home offices.

    • What is HOUR MEX LTD investment platform?

      HOUR MEX LTD investment platform is an online facility established for the convenience of local and international investors. The platform's main goal is to attract new clients and partners, and create solid income opportunity for online investors. The platform is based on SweetBit.Biz website, and is operated by dedicated marketing, technical and support team.

    • How does HOUR MEX LTD manage the investors' capital?

      The capital attracted through our online platform is placed to the company's investment pool, and is primarily used to finance short to medium term crypto market opportunities, ie. crypto portfolio re-balancing during major market shifts, trading accounts replenishment, purchasing additional hashpower, and select ICOs. Profits and investment proceeds are distributed between clients in accordance with investment schemes chosen.

    • Can I join your investment platform?

      We accept investors from all over the world, irrespective of their citizenship. Our investment opportunity is available to anyone over 18 years of age. Make sure you are eligible to invest online by the laws of your country.

    • What should I do to become HOUR MEX LTD investor?

      Your participation doesn't require any skills and special qualifications. All you need is internet access, motivation, patience and some money to start. All you have to do is browse through our website, evaluate our business opportunity, agree to our Terms and Conditions, register at our online investment platform, log into your user account, choose among investment plans available, and start investing.

    • What cryptocoins and payment systems can I use to make investments and receive withdrawals?

      HOUR MEX LTD online investment platform accepts deposits and pays withdrawals via the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dash, PerfectMoney, and Payeer. These coins and payment systems have been chosen for their simplicity of use, worldwide availability, liberal financial policies and affordable transaction fees. We reserve the right to expand the list of accepted coins and payment processors should the need arise.

    • I don't have any cryptocoins and accounts in any payment systems. What should I do?

      You need to purchase some coins or choose one of the payment processors and go through the simple registration procedure. As soon as you get a personal account in the system, fund it using authorized exchangers, and you will be able to make investments and transactions.

    • Can I use several coins or payment systems to invest with?

      Yes, you can make deposits with all electronic and crypto-currencies we accept. Each deposit is handled separately; interest and principal will be reflected on your account in corresponding balance denominated in the currency of a transaction.

    • Can I make a deposit with one coin or e-currency and withdraw to another?

      No, you can only withdraw funds in the same currency you made the deposit with.

    • How do I register for an account?

      Just click at the SIGN UP button on the main menu and fill in the registration form. Your user account will be instantly activated.

    • Can I register multiple user accounts?

      No, it's prohibited to open more than one account for one person. If our security system finds that you are violating this rule, all your accounts will be suspended pending your explanations and justifications.

    • My family members share the same computer. Can each of us create personal account?

      Yes, each of you can open a personal account in our program; however, all your family accounts must be under one upline. Please, don't try to abuse our Affiliate program by putting these accounts one under another. Such a behavior will not be tolerated.

    • What is the secret question, and why it is needed?

      The Secret question and answer are ultimate means used to identify you as legitimate account owner. Our support personnel will require the answer in case you will need to change any sensitive personal details, or recover access to your in case you loose it. Please, don't share your secret question/answer with anyone. Make sure you remember it, once forgotten it would require additional verification procedure to reinstate you as account owner.

    • What should I do if I forget password to my account?

      Try to restore your password via the "Forgot Password?" link. If you fail to restore your password, please contact our Support using e-mail address you have provided upon registration. After your identity has been verified, you'll instantly receive your account information by e-mail.

    • I am sure to enter my correct username and password, why I can't log in?

      Please, contact our Support to restore your account access, which might have been blocked by our bruteforce handler. You have only 5 attempts to enter correct login details, after that your account will be blocked automatically to prevent account violation.

    • Can I edit my account settings?

      You can change your password and payment wallets information. Due to security reasons, we have disabled editing of your e-mail address. Please make sure that you have written down your login information and properly filled out the registration form. If you need to change your e-mail account details, please, contact our Support.

    • How do I make a deposit?

      Log into your user account and click on "MAKE NEW DEPOSIT" button from the navigation menu, once there go to the payment form, choose an investment plan from the dropdown menu, fill in the amount of deposit in the next field, select a payment method, press on 'DEPOSIT' button and proceed to a confirmation page. At the confirmation page make sure all the deposit details are correct, confirm the deposit, and you'll be redirected to the shopping cart of your payment processor via secure connection, complete the payment, and make sure to return to our web-site to see payment confirmation. If you deposit with cryptocurrency, please, make payment to the wallet address provided at the confirmation page from your correspondent cryptocoin wallet. Mind you must send the exact amount of crypto as shown at confirmation screen for your deposit to be credited to your HOUR MEX LTD account!

    • How fast are my deposits added to my account?

      PerfectMoney and Payeer deposits are credited to your account instantly. Deposits made with cryptocoins are added within several minutes to one hour upon receipt of a due number of confirmations from the respective networks. Here again, please, take a note that you need to transfer an exact amount of your desired deposit for it to be activated. Please, do not ever modify the amount as shown in the deposit instructions page as that may cause a non-activation of your deposit and will require you to contact Support before your deposit is activated.

    • I've made a deposit, but it didn't reflect on my account history. What should I do?

      If your deposit has not been added after a reasonable amount of time (see the answer above), please, contact our Support with the payment transaction batch/ID, your username and the investment plan your deposit was intended for. We shall check all the details and add your deposit manually.

    • Can I add funds to my current deposit?

      No, you can not, as all deposits are handled separately. However you can always make any number of additional deposits.

    • How many deposits can I make?

      You can make as many deposits as you wish. There is no limit to the number of deposits you can make.

    • Can I re-invest from my account balance?

      Yes you can make a deposit from the funds available at your account balance. It saves us time, and allows you to save on payment processor fees.

    • Are my deposits insured, can you guarantee my principal?

      All high yield investments bear a fair amount of risk. Our management team does everything possible to prevent from major loss of capital. However, such things happen. Therefore, please, invest responsibly and within your limits.

    • How do I make withdrawals from my account?

      To withdraw funds use a corresponding menu item in your user account:
      Login to your account, click on "ORDER WITHDRAWAL" button, complete the form and place a withdrawal request.

    • What is the minimum withdrawal?

      The minimum amount for withrawal is $0.10 for PerfectMoney and Payeer, $3 for BTC, $2 for LTC, $2 for DOGE, $2 for ETH, and $2 for BCH. You can request this amount if you have enough funds at a particular payment processor balance. The sum total for all payment processors does not qualify as a minimum amount. Please, find the exact breakedown of your available currency balances at the top table of Withdrawal section of your dashboard.

    • Is there any limit to the number of withdrawal requests I can place daily?

      No, there is no limit to the number of withdrawal requests you can make per day. Feel free to ask for a withdrawal every time you have minimum required amount at your account balance.

    • How long will it take your system to process my withdrawal?

      All withdraw will process instantly.

    • I have a balance in one currency but wish to withdraw to another, is it possible?

      No, you can only withdraw funds in the currency available at your account balance.

    • Can I withdraw my principal before maturity?

      The interest rates we offer are based on the expectation that the funds will be under our management for the full investment period. Therefore normally deposits are not to be returned before maturity.

    • What is the affiliate program and how it works?

      If you are a registered user, you automatically qualify to receive referral rewards from our Affiliate program. Promote our program using your unique affiliate link and get 5% bonus from your direct referrals deposits.

    • What is required to participate in your affiliate program?

      We believe that a member must have a full understanding of our company terms and practices to refer others; therefore you are required to read thoroughly through our website and have a registered account to qualify for Affiliate program commissions.

    • Can I refer myself to receive extra profit?

      No, you can't. Self-referring is strictly forbidden. If our security system detects grouped accounts with matching IP's addresses, all such accounts shall be blocked and all funds put on hold, pending member verification and explanations.

    • I was referred by a friend but it appears that I am not in his downline. What should I do?

      If you signed up under individual and not under monitoring service, and you have been incorrectly placed under a different upline or a blank upline, then you can request to be moved under that individual. Please, note that we will not move you or transfer you under RCB monitors if you already have made a deposit.

    • How much can I make if I am an active promoter?

      If you are a natural leader and active marketer it will easy for you to refer just 7 paying members and qualify for a Partnership program featuring higher referral bonuses. Promote our program to a large number of online investors and get 7% bonus from your direct referrals deposits. All partners shall be supported with extra promotion and motivational materials to share with their referrals.

    • What are the legal ways I can use to promote your program?

      You can promote our program in any legal way by sharing your affiliate link with as many people as possible, using your personal blog, posting on your social media page, adding our banners to your forum signatures, putting our banners on rotation in revshare and autosurf projects etc. Just don't use SPAM, we don't tolerate it.

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