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HOUR MEX LTD Investment Opportunity

Building business in a dynamic environment of cryptocurrency and venture capital markets our company focuses specifically on developing universal investment solutions for small and medium size investors to provide them with opportunity to get involved, and realise benefits from purchasing, holding, and exchanging digital assets.

One of these solutions is our online crypto investment program, a high yield, fixed rate, short- to mid-term income opportunity, based on our diversified, professionaly managed portfolio of cryptocoins, trusted tokens, cloud-mining contracts and related assets. The program features several investment plans with different payment schedules. Rates of return differ depending on the particular payment scheme and amount of deposit. For the complete breakdown of our investment offers, please, refer to the table below.


Minimum: $1
Maximum: $10,000
For 35 Hours
Minimum: $5
Maximum: $3,000
For 12 Hours
Minimum: $450
Maximum: $10,000
For 3 Days
Minimum: $50
Maximum: $10,000
After 3 Days + Pri Back
Minimum: $1,500
Maximum: $10,000
Promoting HOUR MEX LTD crypto asset management services is a great opportunity to increase your earnings! If you are a registered member, you automatically qualify to receive referral rewards from our Affiliate program. All you need to do is promote our website using your unique affiliate link and marketing tools provided at your member dashboard. Affiliate bonuses shall be instantly credited to your account balance each time investors you refer make new deposits. This is a totally risk free opportunity, as you don't have to make any deposits to our program, it is only your time and promotion efforts that are duly appreciated and generously rewarded. As an active affiliate you will recieve 5% commission on your direct referrals deposits. Getting referrals is really easy. You can share your referral link with friends, family members or colleagues. You can also use this link as a signature at investment forums, post it to social network groups, promote it in your favorite chats etc.
If you are an investment group leader and active marketer it will be easy for you to refer just 7 active investors and qualify for a Partnership program that features higher referral bonuses and special incentives based on your entire referral structure performance. Whether you are a blog owner or social group holder this is an opportunity for you! All partners shall be supported by extra promotion and motivational materials to share with their potential referrals. Special terms can be negotiated with the most successful partners and groups. As a top performer affiliate you will get 7% commission on your direct signup investments. The most successful group leaders shall get additional volume bonuses and rewards on individual basis. The partnership threshold is modest enough and easily achievable. Start a topic at your favorite forum, post your referral links to dedicated social groups, make a video review of our program, add our banners to your web-page and referrals shall start rolling in.

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